• Ten insulated vehicles are utilized to uphold the fresh quality of raw material to carry from the aqua culture farms to processing plant.
  • Two Grading machine's with capacity of 1 ton each/per hr.
  • Glory IQF machine 750 Kg/hr is installed with glaze hardener and the total capacity is 15 MT per day and forthcoming 500 kg/her with same facilities.
  • Three Plate freezers 18 MT/day fitted with gauges to show the temperature.
  • Two chill rooms of 8 MT each provided in the preprocessing and processing area is maintained at a temperature of 0o c to 3o c.
  • Two metal detectors integrated in the IQF and block packing areas. Metal detectors have the sensitivity to detect metals up to 1.0 mm ferrous, 1.5 mm non ferrous, 2.0 mm SS and BMDP.
  • Three Cold stores of 2006 MT total are designed and constructed with special features to facilitate free circulation of cold air to maintain the cold chain of the product.
  • Three tube ice units of 25 MT each and the total capacity of 75 MT per day.

Our Products Certified by

  • Food and Drug Administration
  • European Union
  • BRC Global Standards
  • Best aquaculture practices
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
  • ISO 22000