About us

Texas Bosker Trading is committed to growing your business by delivering consistency, reliability, and value through an attractive variety of the freshest, premium quality products. We support this with ethical business practices and commitment to top quality and service, we are firmly established as leaders in our sector. Seafood is fished or farmed from sources that can maintain or increase production in the future without jeopardizing the ecosystems from which it was acquired.

Texas Bosker Trading is a company that operates in the wholesale of frozen shrimp products boasting several years of experience in the fishing industry.


Supreme Quality Shrimp at the pinnacle of Freshness

We "Texas Bosker trading Co LLC", are committed to procure, produce and export premium quality seafood products at competitive prices, ensuring timely delivery in compliance with HACCP system and meeting the required national standard of exporting and importing country. The pursuit of quality is the driving force behind the success and ongoing growth of our organization.


Commenced as a logical extension of the aquaculture business we have ventured into processing and exporting of shrimp products by maintaining the global seafood quality standard. We do supply all varieties of fresh and frozen shrimps especially PD Tail-on & Off, Butterfly, Skewer, Easy Peel, Head-on & Head Less in block and IQF packs to different super markets throughout USA, EU and non-EU countries. All our products meet the high standards of excellence to achieve the customer needs. We dedicated to follow strict food policies with support of prerequisite programs such as Good Manufacturing Practices and Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures. Because of this quality production coupled with the vast experience of the promoters in this line of activity, enabling it to deliver value added product. All this is supported by adequate infrastructure for Processing, Freezing and Storage. Constant flow of sourcing raw material keeps the company in good and secure in meeting the shipment commitments.